Bob Garfield + Lewis Lazare = Dramz

By Kaitlin Madden 

Bob Garfield
, Ad Age’s longtime advertising critic, will be leaving his post shortly; prompting Lewis Lazare to provide a critique of his own on his blog for the Chicago Sun-Times. Lazare had this to say about Garfield’s career of late: “His reviews in recent years, seemed to reveal a growing disdain for the increasingly subpar creative efforts of many ad agencies — that is when he wasn’t being overly and smugly self-referential, a characteristic of his writing for which he was well-known.”

Such a description apparently didn’t sit well with Garfield, who then commented on Lazare’s blog “Do you ever get anything right, ever? Rhetorical question. Not sure why you have — and always have had — such a hair up your butt for me.” Garfield continued on, ranting “My God, you are bad at your job. Hey, when you finally get fired for all the ad homimem attacks and for making stuff up, try Gawker. You’d be a perfect fit.”

Knowing Lazare’s penchant for stirring the pot, so to speak, we’re pretty sure he got Garfield right where he wanted him. Lazare is probably off in his lair somewhere drinking scotch and chuckling to himself about what a silly little man Mr. Garfield is.

Update: Garfield claims Lazare’s story was inaccurate, prompting his comment on the post.

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