BMW Still At It With Billboard Wars

By Matt Van Hoven 

A Honk Kong Audi dealership is the victim of skulduggery after BMW placed a giant billboard over the store. This continues an imbroglio that began exactly a year ago when a Santa Monica Audi dealership placed a number of successive ads over a competing dealership reading things like “your move, BMW”. BMW responded with “check mate” and it went like that for awhile.

Then Audi took the battle a step further with a three spots bashing BMW. The 4-oval car maker took shots at Lexus and Infiniti as well as BMW, but saved one ad for Bavarian Motor Works, alone. Jalopnik notes there isn’t any copy maligning their competitor, BMW’s board fuels a fire smoldering beneath the industry: some of the most entertaining (and therefore worth-watching) work pokes fun at a brand’s competitor.

Via Jalopnik

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