Bloomberg Lays On Guilt Trip in Anti-Piracy Ads

By Kiran Aditham 

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on a mission to stop digital piracy in the Big Apple with an ad campaign that comes to us courtesy of his Office of Media and Entertainment. The basic idea it seems is to make New Yorkers feel bad for illegally downloading the latest theatrical releases because in doing so, you’re putting a fellow NYC citizen out of work. To help drive this message home, agency Fathom lured that host from Jerry Seinfeld’s lame Marriage Ref show to play a “vendor” who gives passersby a choice (see above).

It’s a decent try, Bloomy, but we have to agree with sites like Techdirt that say this effort from the Mayor’s Office (with additional support from not-quite-forward-thinking groups like NBC Universal, the MPAA and others) is probably a waste of NYC taxpayers’ money. Credits after the jump.


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