Blind Items: Welcome to the ‘Whiplash’ School of Management

By Patrick Coffee 

  • “Whiplash” was a great movie, and we’re sure that many of our readers have already seen it. But who would view its villain Terence Fletcher as a man to be imitated, especially for people in management positions? We hear that one top executive at a certain international agency doubles as a Fletcher fan: like that character, he has a very particular personal style that one might call “abrasive.” In fact, we hear that this leader recently brought a group of senior-level staffers into his office for the sole purpose of screening the above scene as an example of the management approach he prefers. He was especially excited by the part starting around 2:10, which is based on a distortion of a legend involving saxophonist Charlie Parker.
  • In other blind items news, we hear that a once-successful agency has fallen on very hard times. According to our tipsters, this shop, which relocated some time ago after losing a major account, has already failed to pay its employees and its vendors on two different occasions in 2016. The shop’s state of delinquency has led one of its largest clients to launch an independent audit after being forced to pay vendors directly…and the CEO’s only response to repeated complaints from employees who have gone without paychecks for another month has been a cryptic email telling staffers to “Stay tuned.”
  • Finally, a healthcare-focused operation owned by a major holding company let several longtime employees in its second-largest office go last week. This round of layoffs allegedly followed the resignations of multiple staffers after management announced that they had no choice but to relocate to another office after their main location was taken over by…a customer service call center.