Blind Item: Which Agency’s Employee Told the Lead Creatives to “F*ck Off” Then Yelled at Coworkers From On High?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today’s blind item is one of anger, shouty ranting and an alleged conversation where an agency employee told the top creatives to “f*ck off”. It only gets better from there.

After making said statement, this employee apparently proceeded to yell at coworkers through their artsy office windows (all at once!). Now that’s communication! Unfortunately, word on the street is that the matter did not end well; employee was in tears we’re told before a colleague came to the rescue.

To this alleged free-speaker we say, kudos for letting the words fly (if they indeed flew). Also, a pat on the back goes to the friend who helped clean the mess up and whoever designed the shop to make it so easy to address so many at one time. Unintended consequences!

What could have caused such a row? Probably a client, of course.

Note: As far as we know, the employee did not quit. But a reference to Jerry Maguire had to be made.

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