‘Big Time Frank’ Stars in EVB, Victors & Spoils’ Latest for JCPenney

By Erik Oster 

Former Wisconsin Badgers star power forward Frank Kamisnky stars in the 60-second “Big Time Frank,” created by EVB and Victors & Spoils to promote The Men’s Store at JCPenney.

The spot, which was released in time for the NBA Draft, examines how Kaminsky has changed in the lead-up to going professional, a similar approach to BBDO’s “Life Changes After The Draft” for Foot Locker. In this case, however, the changes friends and family note are mostly related to Kaminsky’s wardrobe. “He wears linen,” points out one friend, “who wears linen to a basketball court?” During the interviews with friends and family, Frank can be seen chilling in a lawn chair in front of his house. The spot ends with him responding to the accusations that he’s changed with, “What, can’t a guy wear coral?” followed by the “when it fits, you feel it” tagline.

While the fake documentary style of the ad is a bit played out, its humor stays dry rather than over-the-top and the message is closely tied to the brand. Kaminsky, by the way, was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets yesterday with the ninth overall pick in the draft.