Big Science (No Not Spaceship) Says There’s Value In Awards

By SuperSpy 

In the ongoing and every growing discussion about the value of Cannes, Big Science, a Pittsburgh based production studio, has decided to add their two cents. The agency had performed some work for Microsoft through McCann’s T.A.G unit (the only good McCann unit, just sayin’). McCann filled out their entry forms and like a good traditional agency made sure that Big Science was listed.

Just a note to David Lubarsthis my friend is how you work with production companies.

T.A.G and Big Science won two Grand Prix Lions. President of Science, Jay Green, said that those wins led to a slew of calls from potential clients. The win led to agencies calling for the shop’s reel including JWT and big shots like director Peter Jackson.

While the value of an award is often debated here and on other blogs, as a morale booster for the team? It can’t be beat. As a possible angle for new business? It appears that makes the list, too. That is, if your company even makes it onto the entry form.

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