Big Brother’s Not So Bad: Coca-Cola Latin America Turns On ‘Security Camera’

By Ella Riley-Adams 

In Coca Cola’s latest feel-good commercial, the brand has created a collage of security camera footage from around the world. But instead of catching people in acts of thievery or destruction, the soft-drink giant shows a “Potato Chip Dealer” giving food to a homeless man, and a young couple stealing…kisses.

“We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time,” says Guido Rosales, advertisement director for integrated marketing comms of Coca-Cola Latin America. To improve heart-melting results, Coca Cola paired the security camera footage with “Give a Little Bit,” a song from Supertramp Roger Hodgson (Sample lyric: “There’s so much that we need to share/so send a smile and show that you care).

Coca Cola’s product doesn’t actually help the world, but this ad successfully associates the brand with everything happy and so affectionately human in our everyday lives. Plus, it’s actually impossible not to crack a smile at the janitor boogeying with his mop.

“People tend to associate security cameras with negative events, but we wanted to disprove that assumption by demonstrating the abundance of happy events and actions they capture,” said CD Martin Mercado.

The spot just won gold in the non-alcoholic beverage category at El Sol, the annual Latin American ad festival hosted in Bilbao, Spain. It will appear throughout Latin America in the coming months.