BETC Wins Creative Duties on Citroën, Launches Dedicated Agency

By Erik Oster 

French automotive brand Citroën sent its global creative account to Havas network’s BETC, which subsequently launched a dedicated agency called Traction.

The integrated Traction agency will be dedicated to servicing the Citroën client globally, led by BETC Paris presidents Bertille Toledano and Stephane Xiberras.

“To have the opportunity to take the creative lead of such an incredible automobile brand, that has produced legendary creative campaigns, is an honour and a great responsibility,” Xiberras, whose title for Traction will be executive creative director, said in a statement published by LBB.

Arnaud Belloni, Worldwide Chief Marketing of Citroën, says:”I grew up with the imagery of Citroën iconic communication items, with the chevrons, the aircraft carriers, and the ‘revolutionaryr men.’ We want to use the spirit of its past as inspiration to foster its revival and bring the brand back to modern values,” added Citroën’s head of marketing Arnaud Belloni.

The Citroën account has been with the Havas Network for around thirty years, most recently residing with Les Gaulois. In 2014, the agency highlighted a dog’s stretching routine and channelled 70s car chase scenes in a pair of spots.

Traction will officially open its doors on October 1, with a location on “the third floor of Les Magasins généraux in Pantin,” accoding to LBB.