BETC Paris Pays Homage to Flashdance for Cillit Bang

By Erik Oster 

BETC Paris launched a dance-heavy spot for Cillit Bang entitled “The Mechancic” which pays homage to 1983 romantic drama Flashdance.

The 90-second spot was directed by Michael Gracey and stars Daniel Cloud Campos as a young man tasked with a pretty colossal cleaning job. When his bosses exit the repair shop, leaving Campos to clean the filthy premises on his own, he reaches for a bottle of Cillit Bang. Then the music starts up and he launches into a highly-choreographed routine, leaving the place spotless in the process. The ad ends by underscoring the point of the preceding action with its “Almost makes cleaning exciting” tagline. It’s a fairly simple approach that communicates the tagline well, even if it could have gotten to the point a lot quicker. And the dancing, of course, is quite impressive. Check out the “Making of” video below for more on how BETC Paris and production company Partizan Midi Minuit brought the idea to life.


Production Company: Partizan Midi Minuit
Director: Michael Gracey
Producer: Jules Dieng
DoP: Carl Nilsson

Agency: BETC Paris
Agency Producer: Emilie Cointot
Agency Creative Directors: Jacques Jolly, Stéphane Xiberras
Choreographers: Daniel Cloud Campos, Tamara Levinson
Editor: Stuart Bowen

Post: Royal Post