BETC and Andy’s Recreate 1984 in 007-Style Peugeot Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

On a day filled with short film commercials, here’s a spot recycling/paying tribute to an earlier Peugeot ad by French agency BETC.

We weren’t familiar with the 1984 original “Bombardier”; because it’s all French, David Hasselhoff, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds are conspicuously absent.

The real star here is the post-production team: the release tells us that 90 percent of the film is, in fact, 3D animation.

And here we thought the bold stuntmen really did chase the new 208 GTi in a combat helicopter.

Some more details:

“…the opening seconds of the spot from the ’80s commercial used in the new film were modeled in 3D exactly as they appeared back then, including the mountain location, in order to create the stunningly seamless transition from the 4/3 format to 16/9.”

That explains the scarcity of credits.

There’s a tumblr page and a corresponding hashtag, of course. Mis-named “spies” that we are, we noted its similarity to one of the middling late-period Bond films with Pierce Brosnan or (shudder) Timothy Dalton.


Agency: BETC
Directors: Andy’s
Production: WIZZdesign
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
3D: Unit Image
Music: gum
Sound design: olivier ranque