Bennigan’s Closing Nationwide; Lack of Customers to Blame

By Matt Van Hoven 

Bennigan’s, the “Irish American Grill & Tavern famous for great food, fun atmosphere and a wide selection of cocktails including beer, wine and specialty drinks like the Bennigan’s Blarney Blast,” is reportedly closing nationwide.

We guess that means AoR Richards Group has lost a client. At least, we think they’re responsible for the Bennigan’s account. Although, Propaganda of St. Louis was noted in this MediaPost article about an effort to get diners through the fledgling restaurant’s doors. Apparently, the $4.99 lunch promo held around tax time wasn’t enough to keep the creditors away.

Reports that the chain was facing bankruptcy emerged in early June via the Wall Street Journal. Those attempts were thwarted, it seems, by the meager economy and a lack of good food (the latter is according to Yelp reviews).

According to The Chicago Sun Times , Bennigan’s employees showed up to work today to see the following letter tacked to the restaurant’s door (we’re not sure if it was the front or the back):

“I regret to inform you that Benningan’s is no longer part of your community.”

Further on, it read:

“To all our employees: I must say this is the hardest thing we have ever had to do. It’s not only a job we are losing but a family we have here is not replaceable. Thank you for all the hard work, total dedication and commitment to making this place amazing. Love, Jen, Ronda and Jonathon.”

Farewell Bennigan’s. You’ll be missed, along with the Ground Round.

Thanks to Tribble for sharing this story.