Behold: The Facebook App that Will Abolish Unrequited Love

By Bob Marshall 

If there’s any one stereotype about the Brits that rings true, it’s that they are the world’s most romantic people.

I’m totally kidding, but the above video comes from students at Hyper Island Manchester (UK) who probably didn’t feel like traveling to an actual romantic country (like Spain or Italy or France) to shoot a spot for a new Facebook app, “Take Me, I’m Yours.” Created by Stockholm and Amsterdam-based creative studio Perfect Fools in collaboration with global creative collective Creative Social, the app seems to be targeting a specific type of Facebook user. So, if you’re the kind of person who stares at photos of your crush on Facebook, sighs loudly, realizes everyone in your immediate vicinity is attempting to ignore you, sighs even louder so someone is forced to ask you what’s wrong, and responds by staring wistfully out the window and saying, “Nothing. You wouldn’t understand,” then this might be the app for you.

How does this doohickey work? As we’ve been told, all the single ladies/dudes “simply install TMIY and select the Facebook ‘friends’ they are interested in. When there’s a mutual love match the app lets both parties know. Then it’s down to them to take things further. If there’s no match then chosen parties remain completely ignorant that they have been singled out as a potential love interest, so no embarrassing moments.”

So, Mr. Lonely Copywriter who’s been mustering up the courage to talk to that girl in accounts who’s not only beautiful, but really cool because you saw her wearing a Joy Division shirt to work the other day and you think would really like you if she only got to know you, this might be your shot. Don’t blow it.