Behind All the Fun of a Dunkin’ Run

By Kiran Aditham 

Ad Lab proprietor and Hill Holiday emerging media strategist Ilya Vedrashko has posted a little Flickr-logue that highlights the making of his agency’s newly launched “Dunkin’ Run” web/mobile app.

The pics, all twelve of them, capture the app’s humble whiteboard beginnings, blueprints, an email and the, um, excitement of a test Dunkin’ Run. A post from a creative, Vedrashko perhaps, on the Hill Holiday blog says that initial positive reaction stems “more from the recognition that the app uniquely fits the character of the pink and orange inclusivity of the Dunkin’ brand. As our planner once said, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t just serve coffee, it also fuels the ‘hope and ambition and ‘energy and drive” of America.'” But isn’t that what John Mellencamp songs are for?

Anyhow, the somewhat nifty app lets one invite co-workers, friends and family on a “Run” via mobile web, regular web or your iPhone, place orders and ehhh..just read the rest of the FAQ for yourself.

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