BBH London Shares ‘Tiny Fresh Things’ for Mentos NOWMints

By Erik Oster 

BBH London has a new ad for Mentos NOWMints parodying breath mint advertising cliches.

The 40-second spot opens predictably enough, with a guy kissing a girl goodnight on the cheek to end a date and then sharing a NOWMint with her. As he walks away, they both turn around and she blows him a kiss that turns into a bunch of butterflies. He blows one back that turns into a bouquet, but then things go unexpectedly, and comically, wrong. It makes for one of the more memorable, and certainly one of the funnier, ads we’ve seen in the (usually pretty predictable) category.

The spot will, unfortunately, run in broadcast only in Italy, but will have a much more widespread online life on YouTube.


Client: Mentos NOWMints
Agency: BBH London
BBH Creative Team: Shelley Smoler, Raphael Basckin
BBH Creative Directors: Gary McCreadie, Wesley Hawes, Shelley Smoler, Raphael Basckin
BBH Strategy Director: Ben Shaw
BBH Strategist: Jamie Watson
BBH Business Lead: Carly Herman
BBH Team Director: Tom Woodhead
BBH Team Manager: Francois d’Espagnac
BBH Producer: Natalie Parish
BBH Assistant Producer: Sarah Cooper
Production Company: Blink
Director: Benji Weinstein
Executive Producer: James Bland
Producer: Patrick Craig
Director of Photography: Simon Richards
Postproduction: The Mill
Editor, Editing House: Max, Stitch
Sound: Sam Ashwell, 750mph