BBH London Redefines ‘Presence’ for Audi

By Erik Oster 

BBH London has a new campaign for Audi, taking aim at upper-level executives with a minimalist approach.

The spot opens on a gramophone on a desk playing a stuffy record entitled “Presence: How to Obtain It.” A speaker on the record describes antiquated notions of what leads to presence: “an unyielding handshake never fails,” “Don’t ask, tell,” etc. Then the Audi A7 Sportback backs up and lifts its sportback, tipping over the gramophone, leading into the tagline “Presence. Redefined.”

The simple, straightforward approach is a welcome change of pace from the typical, lavish luxury car advertising, often involving celebrity endorsements (see Jaguar), letting the vehicle speak for itself. It is supported online by a digital partnership with The Economist, which includes an online hub hosting branded content. Should the ad prove effective, it could mean a more scaled-back approach for the brand (at least with this particular vehicle) in the future.


Agency: BBH London
Client: Audi
Creative Team: Fred Rodwell
Creative Team: Andy Parsons
Creative Director: Matt Doman
Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
Strategist: Alana King
Strategy Director: Edd Southerdon
Chief Strategy Officer: Jason Gonsalves
Team Manager: Naphtali Torrance
Team Director: Polly McMorrow
Digital Publishing Lead: Richard Cable
Digital Production Director: Richard Atkins
Producer: Georgina Kent
Assistant Producer: Phil Cross
Production Company: Academy
Director: Martin Werner
Executive Producer: Simon Cooper
Producer: Charlotte Woodhead
DOP: Patrick Duroux
Production Designer: Peter Grant
Post Production: Ben Turner
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Amanda James