BBDO Ukraine Kiev Does the Cannes Can for Stella Artois

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Ukraine Kiev created a series of four new Stella Artois can designs for the Cannes Film Festival, which the brand sponsors. Each of the cans tells part of a story, which takes place on Cannes’ Croisette, featuring comic book-style imagery and French captions. Check out the case study below for more info. 

“Story is what Stella Artois stands for,” Denis Keleberdenko, creative group head at BBDO Kiev in Ukraine, explained to Adweek. “And traditionally Stella Artois supports the Cannes Film Festival, so we show a story that happens in Cannes, in four parts, for each can. There’s accidents, unexpected twists, a chase, drama, a beautiful woman, a kiss at the end and even a helicopter! It’s almost a film on cans, actually.” 

Additionally, the cans each features URLs for various Ukrainian websites. Each of the sites extends the story in unexpected ways and drive traffic to the Ukranian Stella Artois page, where visitors can (or could, they appear to be claimed) win tickets to the Cannes Film Festival. One of the sites also features an additional video. It tells the story of a pair of Cannes tickets continually changing hands but aside from that we’re not entirely sure what’s going on, since our Ukranian is a little rusty. 


Client: Stella Artois
Agency: BBDO Ukraine Kiev
Creative Director ­ Anze Jereb
Head of design studio ­ Martynas Birskys
Creative Group Head ­ Denis Keleberdenko
Art Director ­ Mike Petrusiak
Copywriter ­ Julia Kolesnik
Designer ­ Mariya Teterina
Illustrator ­ Olga Bandura