BBDO San Francisco Launches First Broadcast Spot for LinkedIn

By Erik Oster 

BBDO San Francisco, in conjunction with LinkedIn’s in-house creative studio, is launching LinkedIn’s first-ever broadcast spot with the 30-second “You’re Closer Than You Think.”

The ad, which was released online today, will make its television debut during ABC’s broadcast of the Academy Awards on February 28. Featuring voiceover from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, the ad keeps things relatively simple, focusing on how it can help users change their lives with a new job. The spot shows a view of Earth from space, as Weiner says, “When I was a kid, every night before I went to bed, my dad would tell me I could do anything I set my mind to.” As he delivers the line, text informing viewers that “NASA is looking for an astronaut” appears onscreen, followed  by the surprising revelation that 3 million LinkedIn members qualify for the position. It’s a bold claim to be able to make and the Oscars is certainly a fittingly large (and expensive) stage for the brand’s first broadcast ad. That one of the films nominated for best picture is about an astronaut, of course, makes the placement that much more ideal. In addition to the Oscars, the ad will also air during programming including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fresh Off the Boat and Shark Tank.

“We saw the astronaut as a universal symbol of the dream job and anchoring the campaign around that story would bring it to life,” LinkedIn vice president, marketing Nick Bartle told AdAge“You’re Closer Than You Think’ is LinkedIn’s first-ever integrated marketing campaign and TV spot that’s inspired by LinkedIn’s vision to create economic opportunity for the global workforce. We want this to permeate in everything we do, including helping our members find jobs, learn from influential people, build their professional brand and connect with people who can make a difference in their path.”

“We believe that everyone should pursue the biggest goals imaginable,” he added. “There are moments when those accomplishments are celebrated, and we believe the Oscars is one of those moments.”