BBDO Reads Subtitles, Rearranges the Furniture for AT&T

By Patrick Coffee 

A spot from BBDO’s latest campaign for AT&T combines the 70’s sitcoms that our more mature readers all loved with what looks and sounds a lot like a 90’s metal show hosted in…a high school auditorium?

The point, of course, is that the quality of reception on many cellular networks leaves crucial calls all but indecipherable…and that subtitles aren’t just for Bergman movies that you can’t fully appreciate even after the translation.

We feel bad for the fake band in this spot, because we failed to see even one head banging.

More of the “Frank and Charlie” series plus credits after the jump.

Here’s our introduction to the mismatched duo, one of whom would love to redesign your agency’s reception area:

The two then share an awkward handshake:

Here they are demonstrating how to effectively navigate the “feng shui” of crawl spaces:

…and finally, sharing a moment ruined by social media:

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA

Client: AT&T

Campaign: “The Networkers”
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Matt MacDonald
Senior Creative Directors: Erik Fahrenkopf, LP Tremblay
Creative Director / Art Director: Grant Mason
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Iain Nevill
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Tim Wassler
Senior Producer: Angela Narloch
Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman
Director of Photography: Nigel Bluck
Line Producer: Cory Berg
Editing Company: Cosmo Street
Editors: Aaron Langley, Tom Scherma
Audio Post-Production: Heard City
Visual Effects: Mass Market