BBDO NY Taps NBA Greats for Foot Locker

By Erik Oster 

BBDO New York taps Houston Rockets star James Harden and retired NBA greats Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen for a funny new spot entitled “Short Memory,” which promises to be the first in a series.

When Harden asks Barkley for advice on starting the new season fresh, Barkley explains that all the greats have short memories. Harden asks if that means Barkley forgot about it if he had a bad game, to which Barkley replies that he never had a bad game. Harden persists with a series of questions, until Barkley cuts him off, seeing that he doesn’t get it, and turns to Scottie Pippen for help. Pippen perfectly encapsulates Barkley’s point, declaring himself the greatest Chicago Bull ever — which would be true with a parenthetical “(available for selection in NBA Jam).”


It’s a clever spot, making good use of Barkley’s comedic potential, even if Harden comes across a bit stiff in comparison. Pippen’s tongue-in-cheek boast alone gives “Short Memory” viral potential, which the spot already seems to be fulfilling. It has racked up almost 600,000 views since being posted yesterday. Stick around for credits after the jump.


Agency: BBDO New York

Client: Foot Locker

Title: “Short Memory Part 1”


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director: Chris Beresford-Hill

Executive Creative Director: Dan Lucey

Copywriter: Mike Motch

Art Director: Austin Mankey

Directory of Integrated Production: David Rolfe

Executive Producer: Anthony Curti


Worldwide Senior Account Director: Troy Tarwater

Account Director: Janelle Van Wonderen

Account Manager: Nick Robbins

Assistant Account Executive: Samuel Henderson


Production Company: O Positive

Director: Jim Jenkins

Exec Producer: Ralph Laucella

Exec Producer: Marc Grill

Line Producer: Marc Grill

Director of Photography: Eric Steelburg


Editorial Company: McKenzie Cutler

Editor: Ian McKenzie

Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

Assistant Editor: Nick Divers & Mike Leuis


Sound: Heard City

Sound Mixer: Keith Reynaud


Online Editorial: Smigital

Smoke Artist: Jim Hayhow

Asst Smoke Artist: Joseph Miller


Color: CO3

Colorist: Tim Masick


GFX: Hornet Inc.