BBDO NY Looks at ‘Monsters Under the Bed’ for Sandy Hook Promise

By Erik Oster 

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting coming up this Sunday, BBDO New York crafted a PSA campaign for Sandy Hook Promise, an gun violence prevention organization formed in the wake of that tragedy.

In the three-minute video “Monsters Under the Bed,” an interviewer has children draw pictures of monsters and then interviews parents asking them what they do to protect their children from these imaginary creatures, with parents offering up a range of responses. Then the interviewer changes the conversation, asking, “How do you protect them from gun violence?” Most of the parents just sit silently with a pained expression, and not one is able to offer a satisfying answer. BBDO New York drives the message home when text appears onscreen reading, “Last year, zero kids were killed by monsters under the bed. Let’s protect our kids from the real threats…so they can continue being afraid of the imaginary ones.”


The video ends by directing viewers to, where the organization offers parents, students and teachers tools and programs to prevent future gun violence, including mental wellness, social development and gun safety approaches.”Monsters Under the Bed” is being promoted on social channels including Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.

Additionally, BBDO New York worked with director Tarik Karam and executive producer Stephen Daldry to create a short documentary film called What They Left Behind. The documentary tells the story of three children who lost their lives to gun-related violence: “from a 17–year-old girl who committed suicide with her father’s gun; to an argument among young teenage boys in Iowa that  ended in bloodshed; to the Barden family who lost their 7-year-old son in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.”

“In the two years since I lost my son, I have been speaking with communities across the country to better understand the causes of gun violence,” said Nicole Hockley, communications director for Sandy Hook Promise and mother of six-year-old Sandy Hook victim Dylan. “What we have learned is that, as a nation, we can help to prevent tens of thousands of gun deaths, by first learning the warning signs of violent behavior and focusing on community-based programs to help and heal those most at risk.”

Stick around for the 35-minute What They Left Behind, along with credits, after the jump.


Client: Sandy Hook Promise

Agency: BBDO New York

Title: “Monsters Under the Bed” [3 minute film]

“What They Left Behind” [35 minute documentary]

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director: Peter Alsante

Senior Copywriter: Ryan Lawrence

Senior Art Director: James Kuczynski

Executive Producer: Julian Katz

Producer: Mona Lisa Farrokhnia

Music Producer: Rani Vaz

Account Director: Lindsey Conklin

Group Director, Behavioral Planning: Gordon McLean

Production Company: BULLITT, Los Angeles

Director: Tarik Karam

Director of Photography: Brian Burgoyne

Executive Producer: Stephen Daldry

Executive Producer: Todd Makurath

Line Producer: Nathaniel Greene

Researcher: Katrina Parks

Editorial Company: Final Cut, New York

Editor: JD Smyth

Editor: Spencer Campbell

Post Producer: Mackenzie Alexander

Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss

Finishing Producer: Alek Rost

Audio Engineer: T. Terressa Tate

Flame Artist: Cecil Hooker

President: Stephanie Apt

Music: Ben Lukas Boysen

Composer: Ben Lukas Boysen

Color Correction: Company 3, New York

Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen

DI Producer: Rhonda L. Moore

Color Assistant: Matt Paul

Executive Producer: Stefan Sonnenfeld