BBDO New York, 180 L.A. Use the Force in Different Ways for New HP Campaign

By Erik Oster 

BBDO New York and 180 L.A. worked on a series of ads for HP representing one of the most recent tie-ins for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Part of HP’s larger “Keep Reinventing” campaign, the ads each attempt to take an approach playing off the “reinvention” theme. In “Reinventing Romance,” from BBDO, a teen boy constructs his own version of R2-D2 in his garage, using his HP and items from a local dump. When he completes the droid, he uses the computer to send it on a mission to ask a girl out to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie.

BBDO’s “Epic Battle with Instant Ink,” probably the most straightforward of the bunch, sees a family create a flip book which accompanies a special gift for their grandfather. 180 L.A.’s “Sound Wars,” meanwhile, reinvents music from the films in unexpected ways, such as the slap of sumo wrestlers and the splash of synchronized swimmers. All in all, the spots manage to find clever ways to tie the brand in with the upcoming film and should appeal to all types of Star Wars fans.