BBDO, Mountain Dew and Russell Westbrook Got Lost in Their Own Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s one we missed: a new “extended” spot for Mountain Dew by BBDO New York starring Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma Thunder.

The ad, which debuted Tuesday, may be most notable for Westbrook’s suit–which looks a bit like The Riddler’s backup outfit–and the fact that he moves without taking a step. (We are not the first to connect him to that character, BTW.)

In the extended spot, Westbrook takes his “powerstance” to da club before things get kind of weird.

What just happened, and how was Droga5 not involved?

“Powerstancing” does not seem poised to become the new Tebow thing despite various claims that Mountain Dew aimed to create “the next social media craze” while also releasing some cans with Westbrook’s face on them.

This guy is totally killing it, though.

We kind of like the client’s other recent campaign, which features bearded rednecks promoting DEWshine, or the PepsiCo equivalent of Sun Drop. (It was not created by BBDO.)

We’re about 95 percent sure that the dude above is a “competitive bearder.”

In case you’re not from the South, Sun Drop was a classic NASCAR hick soda that totally ignored its core demographic with the dancing “Drop It Like It’s Hot” ads several years ago.

The spots failed to catch on.



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