BBDO, FedEx Once Again Infiltrate NFL Week 1 Coverage

By Kiran Aditham 

If you happened to catch any NFL games since the season kicked off on Thursday night, you probably saw any one of three or four FedEx ads that’s part of a new brand campaign from BBDO NY, which aims to emphasize its client’s “customer solutions including healthcare, automotive, small business and sustainability.” The spot called “Hollywood” (above), which boasts FedEx’s ability to, yes, deliver bovine heart tissue in time for surgery, seemed to get the most airplay from our point-of-view. But maybe it was the one below or either of the two after the jump that deserved more rotation–though none of this year’s FedEx spots really elicited a chuckle or two like last year’s “Exchange Student” effort that also launched during the NFL’s opening week. Check out two more from the 2011 campaign (wait, is that Bodie from The Wire as the FedEx guy in the spot called “Two-Sided”?) as well as credits for the various spots after the jump.


Credits: “Hollywood”

Chief Creative Officer:
David Lubars

Exec. Creative Directors:                                            
Greg Hahn

Mike Smith


Exec. Producer(s):
Diane Hill

Amy Wertheimer

Amanda Slavin


Sr. CD/Copywriter:                                                      Tom Kraemer

CD/ Copywriter:                                                           Chris Beresford-Hill

CD/Art Director:                                                         Nick Klinkert

BBDO Music Producer:                                                            John Melillo
Production Company:                                                  Saville Productions

Exec. Producer:                                                                        Rupert Maconick

Director:  Martin Campbell

Line Producer:                                                             Ree Witford

Director of Photography:                                             Salvatore Totino
Edit House:                                                                  Spotwelders/The Work

Editor:                                                                          Rich Orrick

Exec. Producer:                                                                       Amanda Slavin

Telecine:                                                                      CO 3/Tim Masik

Mix:                                                                              Sound Lounge/Tom Jacorone

Sound Design:                                                             Henryboy

Sound Designer:                                                          Bill Chesley


VFX:                                                                             Method

Exec. Producer:                                                                        Gabrielle Gourrier

Flame Artist:                                                                Jason Schugardt

Credits: “Witness Protection”

Chief Creative Officer:                     David Lubars

Executive Creative Director(s):               
Mike Smith

Greg Hahn

Executive Producer:                   
Elise Pavone

Sr. CD/Copywriter:                    Peter Kain
Sr. CD/Art Director:                    Gianfranco Arena
Production Company:                    O Positive
Director:                        Jim Jenkins
EP:                             Ralph Laucella
Line Producer:                         Marc Grill
Prod. Designer:                     Jason Edmonds
Director of Photography:                Larry Fong
Edit House:                        Mackenzie Cutler
Editor:                            Ian Mackenzie