BBDO Dusseldorf Dubs Mars Minis ‘People Treats’

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Dusseldorf positions Mars Minis as “people treats” in a new 30-second spot entitled “Tennis.”

Based on a connection between the brands positioning of Mars Minis as “anytime treats” and the way pets are given treats as a small reward for good behavior, the ad shows a man treating his tennis companion like a dog. He pretends to throw a ball and tells him to fetch it, then asks where the ball is. The friend seems confused as to why he’s being treated like a dog, but when he’s rewarded with a Mars Mini he seems not to mind. The spot ends with the tagline, “They’re People Treats,” which brings some context to the exercise in silliness preceding it.

“This positioning gives people the moral permission to enjoy the reasonably sized sweet whenever they like,” explained Darren Richardson, 
BBDO Düsseldorf chief creative officer. “It’s a treat and reward just for being a good person, or in this case a “good boy.”

We’re not sure how many people will make the connection to using the candy as an “anytime treat” and how many will just chortle at the ridiculousness of treating a tennis partner as a dog, but the approach certainly is memorable.


Mars GmbH: 
Category Director: Carsten Simon
Brand Manager: Mira Grosch

BBDO Dusseldorf:
Chief Creative Officer (BBDO Group Germany): Wolfgang Schneider
Chief Creative Office (BBDO Dusseldorf): Darren Richardson
Creative Managing Directors: Kristoffer Heilemann, Sebastian Hardieck
Creative Director:  Karen Walker
Senior Art Director: Tobias von Aesch
Art Director: Charlon De Graav
Copywriter: Penelope Abreu
Client Service Director: Sabine Frank
Account Director: Nadia Leytes
TV Department: Valérie Gentis (Producer), Steffen Gentis (Chief Production Officer)

Production: Twin Film GmbH, Berlin
Director: Eric Yealland 
DOP: Eric Yealland
Script: Karen Walker
Post Production: Chamaeleon Digital Vision, Dusseldorf