BBDO Atlanta Reintroduces Itself to the World

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s been a while since we last heard from BBDO’s Atlanta office. After former Best Buy CMO Drew Panayiotou took the reins last April, there’s been a bit of expected HR reshuffling as the office moves in a more content-focused, digital/analytical direction–but otherwise things have been relatively quiet below the Olde Mason-Dixon.

The biggest recent news out of Atlanta was last month’s addition of Rhea Hanges (formerly with Havas New York) as creative director and the summer’s Norwegian Cruise Lines win.

This week, however, the office released a “get to know us again” video ahead of a new website launch and general rebrand. It’s their first YouTube entry in more than a year, and it gets straight to the point with several executives’ takes on the big question: is BBDO ATL big or small? (Answer: yes.)

As Panayiotou tells it, BBDO is “the kind of agency I always wished I had as a client.” CCO Wil Boudreau also gives viewers a bit of history, and execs aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun at their own expense. Have you ever heard the phrase “hybrid ninjas?” Also: puppy.

The video does seem to very lightly push back against the idea that BBDO Atlanta is effectively an extension of BBDO New York. As the office’s LinkedIn page tells us:

“While we have a lot of great things to say about BBDO ATL, we truly see our key points-of-difference in a big-and-small context.

Stay tuned for more ways BBDO ATL is big, and small, to be shown on the all new website, launching later this month.”

More to come, then. For the record, we also love the faux Dave Brubeck soundtrack.