Barkley and Hershey Can Help You Score Halloween Candy Without Embarrassing Yourself

By Patrick Coffee 

Hershey and the food specialists at Barkley of Kansas City want you to know that you can still participate in Trick or Treat this Halloween even though everyone knows very well that you’re too old for it and probably have been for 20 years or so.

The partners have apparently solved the dilemma faced by adults who love candy but don’t really want to go through the whole … thing.

The video portion of the new “Take or Treat” campaign is essentially an explanation of how to use its mobile capability, the bigger point being that even adults with an appropriate sense of shame can score some free sweets.

So you don’t have to download a whole app, but of course you do need to be on mobile. And this is kind of funny.

the horror

We did check out the mobile site, which works as advertised and includes a fair share of content primarily consisting of goofy GIFs like this one, which greets users who didn’t knock hard enough. (The doll’s head spins. It’s very goth.)

dollface 2

Here’s a PR description of the mobile work: “Without requiring a full mobile app to be installed, the mobile site takes advantage of features, like gyro and compass orientation sensors, that are freely provided to any website but underutilized by most mobile apps or sites.”

We did win the second time we tried, but declined to enter birthdates, addresses and such for the bag of Take 5s, mainly because we can’t seem to stand waiting for anything.


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Director of Marketing – Dan Mohnshine
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Associate Brand Manager – Travis Rape
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Sr. Manager Communications – Anna Lingeris

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Creative Director – Katy Hornaday
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Associate Producer – Jasmine Henry
Associate Creative Director – David Hahn
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Art Director – Tanya Karpitsky
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SVP/Group Account Leader – Bryan Herrman
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