Barcelona Agency Will Literally Bleed for You

By Kiran Aditham 

We’re befuddled and kinda grossed out by this new campaign called “Here Is Our Blood” from Barcelona-based agency Iskiam Jara. Maybe they’re just taking their love of Twilight, True Blood and other vampire sagas a bit too seriously, but it looks like the agency is letting you order DNA from their creatives. The copy reads:

“Here is our blood.
It was once thought that creativity was an indefinable concept, but research showed that it is a natural activity in influencing genetic, environmental and haphazard. It’s stable, durable and unique to each human being. So you want to share our DNA, so that this coming year we have at your side. Come to bleed for you. You choose, clone or account with us.”

Bad grammar aside, we’re still waiting for the punchline in a campaign that reeks of arrogance, mental instability or both. We’ll look for creative inspiration elsewhere, thank you very much.

Via AdsoftheWorld

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