Barbarians Shutting Down Shop in Boston

By Kiran Aditham 

Within the last 15 minutes, we’ve received scores of anonymous tips from different IPs telling us that the Barbarian Group is closing its office on South Street in Boston, which was opened way back when in 2001. Here’s a statement from a spokesperson at the digital shop, which is offering paid relocation for everyone left in Boston who wants to move to either TBG’s New York or San Francisco office (the majority of staffers including senior leadership all migrated to the NYC branch a few years back).

“We’re sad to say we’re closing TBG’s 10-person Boston office. Put simply, there’s no strategic reason for us to keep it open.

Since we value their talent so much, the team has been offered paid relocation to New York or San Francisco over a 3-month wind down period and we’re doing everything we can to make their lives easier in the transition.
Over the past several years, TBG has been headquartered in New York, which leads client work such as GE, Bloomberg, Samsung, Pepsi and others. The company is growing and we continue to aggressively recruit in NYC, as well as our San Francisco office, which is building its own business as well as attracting top tech, planning and design talent.”