Band of Dads Pitches Crispin with Car Spot Treatment

By Kiran Aditham 

A Denver-based band called New Age Dad, comprised of two proud papas along with two tots apparently, is hoping to provide CP+B with some inspiration as the agency gets over the VW loss and shops for a new automotive client.

Hokey name aside, the band is hoping that Crispin can use a treatment they penned (which includes their dreamy folk ditty “The Weekend” as heard above) for the Aspen hybrid car in an upcoming campaign. According to the Denver Egotist, the script was written over the course of a day this week and can be read on the band’s site.

The act explains their background and objective, stating, “NAD is band of subdued homebodies and, minus label support at the moment, we plan on building a fan base and sterling reputation through play dates with other artists, musicians and filmmakers. Both dads in the band have worked extensively in print and web media and hope that licensing our music will one day pay our mortgages (print work surely won’t).” Hey, it worked for Moby.

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