Banana Hammocks, Peter Arnell Owes HarperCollins $100,000

By Matt Van Hoven 

There was no reason to write “banana hammocks” in the headline but given Arnell’s sweary nature, we though using something out of the ordinary was somehow a more appropriate way to lead into this story about how Arnell’s life got flip, turned upside down. He’s been sued by publisher HarperCollins for not coming through on a “personal branding” book they paid him to write back in 2006.

The deal was initially worth $550k, but he took $100k up front to, you know, get things going. Then he hired a ghost writer, fired that person, and then another ghost writer who was also fired before deciding that he’d just do it already with the help of his wife and assistant. But when he handed in his homework it was a few thousand words short (only 25,000 of the 80,000 agreed to) and bla bla now HC wants their moneys back.

Here’s the funny part: Arnell countered the suit, saying he didn’t have enough editorial help. Yeah, probably because your editor said something like, “hey, dude, put down the oranges and write me like another 55 thousand words and we’ll talk, mmk?” Snarf snarf.

Cityfile has the breathless details on this one.

Now, how to tie in the banana hammock thing. Um, how about a picture of Sacha Baron Cohen? Fantastic.

Oh and in case you’d forgotten, this is the same Peter Arnell who thinks Pepsi has its own gravitational force and thought pulling the straw and orange off Tropicana would be a good idea.

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