Baldwin& Crafts ‘Holiday Spirit Measurer Thingy’ for Ponysaurus

By Erik Oster 

Raleigh-based agency Baldin& launched the very scientifically-titled “Holiday Spirit Measurer Thingy” social media/in-bar campaign for Durham’s Ponysaurus Brewing.

Installed at the brewery’s bar the “Holiday Spirit Measurer Thingy” tracks the amount of “holiday spirit” in the Durham, North Carolina Twittersphere, rating each tweet as either “naughty” or “nice” based on keywords. When the needle swings to “nice,” a tap of Ponysaurus’ Holiday Mystery Brew temporarily opens for three minutes. The tap is then closed and the process repeats, with positive tweets needed to reopen it. Assuming it’s a tasty brew, that seems like a pretty good way to keep people in the holiday spirit. In addition to the demo video above, you can also watch live feed from the Ponysaurus brew bar at


CDs: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
ADs: Kellyn McGarity, April Lauderdale
CW: Chad Temples
Agency Producer: Mattias Davidsson

Realization: Viget, Durham, N.C.
Hardware Engineer: Justin Sinichko
Developer: Eli Fatsi
Senior Digital Strategist: Ben Eckerson
Project Manager: Kate Studwell