B-Reel Premieres Short Film at Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival

By Erik Oster 

Living_Soul_5_550_1001Production company B-Reel recently premiered their film “A Living Soul” — directed by noted commercial and music video director Henry Moore Selder– at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, receiving an honorary mention from a jury who declared ““For a film with outstanding use of visual effects, it manages to visualize mind-boggling existential questions in a manner equally playful, hilarious and poetic.”

Selder was pleased with the film;s reception, stating that it was “great that the jury motivation highlights the seriousness of the questions that the film poses, while acknowledging the humour involved. This is the exact combination that drew me to the source novel in the first place!”

“A Living Soul” will make its international premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France this weekend. Based on P.C. Jersild’s controversial 1980s sci-fi novel, the film “follows the subjective perspective of Ypsilon, a human brain being kept alive artificially.” B-Reel is calling the film a “Novella Film” (which is not a term I’ve ever seen before, but I’m assuming means it’s longer than a typical shorter and shorter than a typical feature length film). The production company worked in collaboration with “Hungarian prosthetics and [animatronic] master-minds Filmefex Studios” and VFX production company Swiss and Chimney. Head here for the trailer, and stick around for credits after the jump.


Production Company: B-Reel
Director: Henry Moore Selder
Writer: Peter Modestij
Producers: Cecilia Nessen, Patrik Andersson, Fredrik Heinig
Cinematographer: Gustav Danielsson
Composer: Daniel Fagerström
Production Designer: Robert Bohman
Editor: Henry Moore Selder, Joakim Pietras
Costume Design: Anna Svärdendahl
Line Producer: John R. Hallström
Co-Production: Sveriges Television, Swiss, Chimney, Filmefex studio
With Support From: Swedish Film Institute
  • Louise Peterhoff – Emma
  • Claes Ljungmark – The Professor
  • Stina Ekblad – The Associate Professor
  • Christoffer Svensson – PhD