‘Awesome Awaits’ in VML New York’s Latest ‘Built for Kids’ Legoland Spot

By Erik Oster 

VML New York launched a new spot in its ongoing “Built For Kids” Legoland campaign, introducing “Tommy Parker, Kid CEO of Legoland Hotel.”

The spot opens on the character waking up to an alarm and folding open a newspaper before opening the window and declaring “Another awesome day at Legoland Hotel.” Parker attributes his success to “hard work and juice boxes” before realizing he’s “double-booked for snack time.” Later in this spot he sits down for a meeting with his team: all Lego characters, of course.

It’s kind of a fun approach, with the character exemplifying the kind of imagination and enthusiasm of the park. The character’s embodiment of a kid in an adult role should appeal to child audiences for whom he has the ideal job, getting them to dream of family trips to the park in the process. “Introducing Tommy Parker, Kid CEO of Legoland Hotel” is running as a regional, 60-second broadcast ad in Florida (where the park is located), with support from digital and social elements. Later this year, the social campaign will get a further boost when Tommy Parker gets his own LinkedIn account.

“I kind of like to think of him as this child of Ferris Bueller and Wes Anderson [with] an imaginative view on the world and he lives in this amazing park—this would be a dream job for any child anywhere,” VML managing director and executive creative director Mike Wente told Adweek. “There’s something that’s aspirational and beautiful about that but also the way that he thinks and that he borrows some adult language but put through a kid’s lens.”

Jackson added that he has hopes that the Tommy Parker effort will be a long-lived campaign, saying, “I view Tommy Parker as a potential multi-year campaign—my hope is that this not a temporary, one-off campaign.”