Avenue A Is NOT On Our Dead Pool List

By SuperSpy 

Our digital dead pool list is firm and set. However, one shop who isn’t going to be on the list is Avenue A/Razorfish. Just consider their San Francisco’s office latest surge in profits.

From San Francisco Business Times:

“The interactive shop’s 3-year-old outpost has boosted new business 30 percent in the past six months, adding clients like Nortel Networks to its local roster, which includes Williams-Sonoma, Shutterfly and Washington Mutual. Revenue at the San Francisco office has grown from $25 million in 2005 to more than $40 million in 2007 as businesses spend more of their advertising budgets online.”

So, when it comes to the digital dead pool, we’ve narrowed it down to five agencies. As you may have guessed, Agency.com is in there. Another G2. Stay tuned for more…