Australia Has Ad-Media, Too

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ever-curious of what’s being done to put BDAs in their place abroad, AgencySpy reached out to an Aussie friend to see what the deal is. Turns out, AdAge, AdWeek and all the other pubs that provide industry info haven’t made it that far east. AgencySpy, being a two-person-show, is not there either.We promise to fix that.

One publication taking on part of the ad news task is Australia’s B&T Today, a PDF newsletter that’s e-mailed daily. It’s very brief, and very short on snark. But hey it’s a start.

Media in other parts of the world tends to stem from what happens here in the U.S. Maybe Australians (as an example) are just too nice to start “AussieSpy” or something like that. Hmm, we might need to think about relocating! Anyway, we wanted to give you a taste of the news down-under, and to do it we’ve called on B&T Today &#151 also known as the only publication we could get our hands on.

The pub is a daily PDF. Why it’s not published to a blog we’ll never know. Edited by James Livesley, B&T carries news of client wins and consumer trending. It’s a brief four pages, two of which hold ads. Click <a href="Download file “>here to see it.

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