Aubrey Plaza, Droga5 Return for Newcastle’s ‘Band of Brands’

By Erik Oster 

Droga5 brought back Aubrey Plaza for a follow-up to its “Band of Brands” teaser on the final day of submissions for brand to be part of the venture.

The initial effort generated enough interest for the brand to go through with the idea, with several other brands having signed on for the regional ad. So now Plaza is back to enthusiastically promote the brand’s big game effort while milking a cow. The 1:15 video is built around a joke about Plaza arguing with the director over whether she’s being sarcastic or that’s just her voice. While the tongue-in-cheek approach wears a bit then by the end, it also keep the content of the actual “Band of Brands” spot a mystery, keeping interested parties as curious as ever about the brand’s final effort.

“I really admire Newcastle’s commitment to doing as little work as possible,” Plaza said. “It’s funny to see a brand that’s so dedicated to Big Game domination that they try to hand off the work to other brands.”