Atheist Ads Spark Conversation

By Matt Van Hoven 

As the holiday season approaches, non-secular groups are coming out of the woodwork to remind Americans that it’s OK not to believe in God. Last week, we told you about one such group and their Washington D.C. campaign that read, “why believe in a god, just be good for goodness sake.” Yes, be good! Well said, atheists.

The image above comes via the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). They have others too, which say things like, “Beware of Dogma” and “Reason’s Greetings.” Snazzy copy, right?


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Notions like this are good for us to consider. “Imagine a dogma/ religion/Hocus Pocus free world.” What would that be like? Good? Bad? Indifferent? For the faithful, a godless world is akin to one without water (and air and land and sun and space and everything) &#151 so it’s a bit heady from the onset.

Therefore, the message is provocative by default, and will get loads of media attention for that reason. It’s a conversation that has no end; because who can say what’s what? Truthfully, none of us &#151 and that’s where reason and belief come into play. As Americans, we’re accustomed to hard facts, definitive evidence we can see; tangible proof. And that flies in the face of belief systems that don’t answer to modern science.

So, on a social level, why argue the point at all? There’s a reason they say, “the three things you should never talk about in social settings are politics, sex and religion” &#151 these subjects leave room for us to judge one another, which none of us has the right to do. Right? So let’s not talk about it. OK?