Aston Martin Launches Cinematic Digital Campaign for the Rapide

By Bob Marshall 

Even a group of British action movie stereotypes on a mission from “The Man” (who Kiran visualizes as the bad guy from Inspector Gadget) know the benefits of carpooling when gas prices are this high. Good thing they can deliver their package in style with the new Aston Martin Rapide in this digital campaign from R/GA.

We haven’t heard a lot from R/GA over the last few months in terms of creative output, and it’s obvious they put quite of bit of work into this three-part mini movie. The Rapide “True Power” website even features Twitter accounts where interested parties can follow the four fictional characters in the Aston Martin saga. The story is set to unravel weekly on the Rapide’s site, with part two scheduled for Jan. 19 and the thrilling conclusion airing on Jan. 26. A remix (what) by none other than Swizz Beats (who co-stars as the reclining guy with the hat and the cell phone) is being released on Feb. 9.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m guessing that “waiter” is either up to something devious, or just updating her boyfriend on when she gets off of work.