Aspen Snowmass Recreates The Shining for a Halloween Scare

By Kyle O'Brien 

Every horror fan knows that The Shining takes place at the fictional Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Real Colorado ski resort Aspen Snowmass has decided to pay homage to the Stephen King classic tale with a ski-themed recreation of the classic twins scene from the original movie.

Set on the peak of Aspen Mountain at the mountaintop Sundeck Restaurant, the pre-season promo is an exacting take on the scene where young character Danny rides through the halls on his tricycle and encounters a set of twins who urge him to play with them forever and ever.

Instead of a boy on a trike and young twins, we see a man riding his bike through an empty Sundeck Restaurant. As he turns a corner into a narrow hallway, he stops and is confronted by a set of twins holding skis and outfitted in matching ski suits.


They call to Danny, “Come ski with us…forever and ever…” While the original showed quick shots of the girls after they had been murdered, the quick shots here show the twins partying with Danny. After Danny uncovers his eyes, the women are gone and he goes back to cycling through the building.

The spot ends with text asking people to come and ski at Aspen…forever. The creative is on Aspen’s social channels.

An Aspen spokesperson said that the in-house creative team at the resort worked to match the scene from The Shining shot for shot. “We also built in our own on-brand twist on the details: the ski onesies that the girls are wearing are the same colors as the girls from the original movie, light blue with pink ribbon—but in ski “microwave” form,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

The creative also features a new brand leaf logo, which was launched for the 75th season of the resort last year.