As We All Figured, Only Dikembe Mutombo Can Save the World

By Kiran Aditham 

W+K’s ongoing work for Old Spice demanded one hell of a refresh and the agency thankfully obliges with this rather promising effort for the P&G brand, which stars beloved former NBA center, Dikembe Mutombo. Though long since retired, the man who could talk so much shit with just a wag of his finger is still very much involved in humanitarian causes, so who better to help avert the imminent apocalypse promised by the Mayan calendar than old #55.

Yes, this is the basis of a real-time, online 8-bit gaming experience from W+K for Old Spice dubbed “4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World,” which will have our hero embark on weekly globe-trotting missions based on current event and help prolong our lives on this planet. So far, from visiting the game play site alone, we gather that this week, Mutombo must stop Gangnam Style and encourage people to vote–might be a little late on that one–but hell, we’re 100 percent behind this mission. Along the way, we’ve met a Cosby sweater-adorning, intelligent talking bear and other odd characters all while trying to figure how the hell get out of level 1. We must say, though, that regardless of how odd and chaotic this whole campaign is, we’re quite enamored with it thus far and will take it over some of the recent Greg Jennings work any day. Give it a shot here. Credits after the jump.


Executive Creative Directors    Mark Fitzloff & Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors    Jason Bagley & Craig Allen
Interactive Creative Director    Matt O’Rourke
Copywriter    Andy Laugenour
Art Director    Max Stinson
Senior Interactive Producer     Mike Davidson
Interactive Producer   Ben Kendall
UX Designer   Jake Doran
Director of Broadcast Production   Ben Grylewicz
Director of Interactive Production   Pierre Wendling
Management Supervisor   Michael Dalton
Account Supervisor   Liam Doherty
Business Affairs   Cindy Lewellen
Media Team   Kelly Muller, Kerry Antos, Lisa Feldhusen

Game Maker    Adam Atomic/Adam Saltsman
Artist   Paul Veer
Artist    Sven Ruthner
Composer   Jukio Kallio
Sound Designer   Robin Arnott

Animation Company    Powerhouse Animation Studios
CEO Brad Graeber
Studio Director    Jason Williams
Production Director    Louie Granda
Creative Director    Sam Deats
Animators   Chris Beaver, Ed Booth, Kellan Stover

Digital Development Company    Driftlab
Developer   Ash Warren
Developer   Nate Horstmann
Developer    Dan Will
Animator     Joe Corrao