Arnold Worldwide Launches ‘Sinatra Select’ for Jack Daniel’s

By Erik Oster 

Arnold Worldwide is behind a new 2.3 million dollar campaign for Jack Daniel’s new “Sinatra Select,” a new product rolling out in select markets in anticipation of a June release nationally. Sinatra Select is a stronger make of whiskey (90 proof to Jack Daniel’s normal 80 proof) with “more oak and spice notes.” It will be rolled out in some of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ favorite haunts: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and Las Vegas.

At the center of the campaign is the 30-second spot, “Frank The Man,” celebrating Frank Sinatra and his favorite drink. The spot ends with Sinatra’s “That’s the nectar of the gods, baby,” quote. Jack Daniel’s in an enviable position as the preferred drink of such a historical celebrity; the new product, and Arnold’s campaign, seem like a no-brainer. As you may remember, Sinatra got a shout out in Jack Daniel’s “Legend” spot from last year, so it was only a matter of time until he got the spotlight. The media buy for “Frank The Man” includes “ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and NBC’s The Tonight Show as well as cable outlets including ESPN, FX, Discovery and Comedy Central so this should reach a wide array of eyeballs as the product rolls out in its select markets.


As you might expect, the premium whiskey is a bit more glamorous than Jack Daniel’s standard offering, and the price tag ($150) is indicative of that. Sinatra Select also comes with packaging that “includes a commemorative gift box and a booklet detailing Mr. Sinatra’s history with Jack,” so folks will be paying for more than just the whiskey itself. The timing behind this campaign and product rollout is deliberate, coming in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ birth on Dec. 15, 1915. Credits after the jump. Credits:

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select TV spot “Frank The Man”

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