Arizona Agency Brushes Layoffs Aside with New Hire Fluff Piece

By Matt Van Hoven 

Commenter Sparky points us to an article in Valley PR Blog from yesterday, Oct. 8, which merrily hums about the new hires made at R&R Partners in pa-ho-nix (Phoenix). Remember way back when to this past Tuesday, as in Oct. 7, when we posted in “Raw and UnCut” a rumor that the agency had laid off 12-15 people?

Well the very next day, the agency announced via Valley PR blog, the hiring/advancement of some new/existing employees. Yippee! Everything’s fine! See, we just hired some folks.

Btw, we e-mailed the agency (press@rrpartners dot com) on Tuesday (and again today) to confer on the issue of said layoffs, but they never got back to us. But according to VPB, the agency just hired a super-fresh PR coordinator (among others) &#151 so we’re guessing the last person was among those laid off? Just a hypothesis, really. Here’s wondering if the post on VPB was her idea…


We’ll go easy since the aforementioned PR coordinator just graduated from ASU in May. Nothing like cutting your teeth on the still-warm bodies of a bunch of people you don’t even know. Damn, that’s a long row to how the fuck are they going to recover from this one? See how I just changed subjects mid-sentence there? I took the cue from R&R, which went from laying off a bunch of their staff to shouting about their new hires in one short, smoke-filled breath.

We hate layoffs, you hate layoffs, and so the merriment goes. But for whoever’s sake, don’t spin death with birth. Just don’t. Good luck Ms. Coordinator &#151 we are honestly pulling for your agency &#151 and every other agency that’s had to let people go, and for the people that were let go, and for the economy and bla bla bla bla bla. Is the week over yet? E-mail me when it ends; matt@mediabistro dot com.

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