Are You A Team Player Or Are You Steve Luker?

By SuperSpy 

Everyone wants to work at W+K at some point in their careers. It’s a legendary shop full of big name accounts, iconic founders and an air of smarty-fartiness about it that can’t be shook. So, good news! If you’re still one of the legions of bodies who would bleed to have W+K on your pay check, the shop is looking for some high level creative talent.

Today’s Adweek piece about the agency hunt dabbles in a bit of snarky gossip:

“Steve Luker and Jelly Helm were paired atop the Portland office. They didn’t last long, stepping down from those roles last month.”


The kids didn’t play so nice with each other. If you recall, that team was replaced with Mark Fitzloff (pictured above) and Susan Hoffman just a few weeks ago. Luker is a notorious hard ass, perhaps that’s why he didn’t fit in at the ultra-geek squad that is W+K. Hey, I dig geeks, but it’s not for everyone. Especially, for someone who describes themselves as “stubborn, difficult to work with,” as Luker does.

Fitzloff and Hoffman are the ones behind this hiring hunt. Fitzloff told Adweek that:

“We’re looking for people who have had success in finding interesting ways of managing external relationships [with clients].
Gone are the days of sliding a piece of work across a table and saying take it or leave it. Clients demand more collaboration, for creatives to be more open, to speak their language, and not compromise the work while making it smarter.”

Sound like you got the right stuff? Ring up Portland. Everyone else and their mother is going to, so why not you, too?