Apple, Beatles Finally Make Beautiful Music Together

By Michael Musco 

Yes, we covered it in Stir, but we think this union merits some expanded notice. They took the world by storm in 1964 and changed it with their music-it’s 50 years later and their music is still as loved as it was in its time. We’re talking pf course about The Beatles.

Apple welcomes The Beatles to iTunes with a campaign consisting of five 30 second spots-each compiled with classic black & white photos of the gang as well as a different song for each spot which are “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “All You Need is Love,” “Let it Be,” “Yesterday” and “Here Comes the Sun.” Not a bad set of selections for the promos, we think.


For Beatle-maniacs, 150 clams will get you the entire set but, you also have the luxury to pick and choose specific albums or singles if you’re not a diehard. Check out the other spots after the jump.

(h/t AllThingsD)