AOL to Lose Triangle, Capitalization with New Brand Identity

By Kiran Aditham 

As AOL gets set to spin off from Time Warner on Dec. 9 (and probably clean some house in the process), the online company will be unveiling its new brand identity to coincide with the split.

According to The New York Times, the brand is going lowercase and will be referred to as “Aol.” while also ditching its famous triangle in favor of hundreds of backgrounds including a View-Master, a leaf, a Polaroid camera and a head-banger (above). The new brand identity, which was created by Omnicom unit Wolff Olins (Leo Burnett handled research duties) and will be unveiled on the evening of the 9th, is “a mix of do-it-yourself and high production values, crazy stuff and elegant stuff, simple and engaging and bizarre–all the things the Internet is” Wolff Olins CD Jordan Crane tells NYT.


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