Anomaly Will Sit Out This Super Bowl for Budweiser

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly will not be returning to the Super Bowl for Budweiser in 2018.

“I can confirm that Anomaly will not be doing Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad this year and the brand has sourced ideas from its collective of creative agencies,” AB InBev senior director, marketing communications Matt Kohan said in a statement, elaborating that this includes VaynerMedia, David and Mosaic.

Anomaly has worked on Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads since 2010. The agency’s recent Big Game efforts include last year’s “Born The Hard Way” fictionalized brand origin story, the craft-bashing “Brewed The Hard Way” and follow-up “Not Backing Down.”
VaynerMedia and David have both recently taken on projects for the brand. The latter crafted yesterday’s “Last Call Forever” Prohibition Repeal Day effort, while VaynerMedia launched a campaign introducing 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager.