Anomaly Brings Back the Pace Cowboy to Get Saucy About Suzie in New Taco Promo

By Patrick Coffee 

“This ain’t Pace Picante Sauce” is one of the copy lines that somehow sticks with us from childhood, along with “You’re not fully clean unless you’re Zestfully clean” and “Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life.” Did we really like it, or was it one of those earworms? Serious question.

We mention that because we weren’t really even aware that Pace is still advertising or using cowboys as its mascots. But this week Anomaly brought the old boy back in a new campaign for the mild/medium/hot sauce brand that turns to a wrangler in promoting a very specific product: Saucy Suzie, or a lazy susan for tacos.

That was a mouthful (of salsa), and the mom looked like she was about to blow a fuse. But we are slightly disappointed to learn that this product does not, in fact, exist!

It also kind of reminds us of another truly great wheel. No, not the one you were thinking of.

There are some more spots in this campaign, including a “how it works” clip.

Somebody might need to look after dad there.

The effort launched on Taco Tuesday this week as a post-Super Bowl comfort food option.

Now here’s a legitimately interesting company history:

Pace was founded by David Pace in 1947, a true maverick in his time where he set up his company in the back of a San Antonio liquor store and subsequently grew it into the largest salsa producer in America. With the ambition of creating ‘The Syrup of the Southwest’, he blazed the famous Pepper Trail to the heart of Mexico to source the freshest peppers, and with his ingenuity and wit ultimately brought Pace to the White House kitchens, the top of Mt. Everest and to the finish line of the Indy 500.

We’re excited to share this innovation with the world and make America saucy again.

Combining alcohol and savory snacks: yet another of the many things that make America great.

Oh also, those original ads did come back in 2004. And they were made by Y&R, which is based in…New York City. As they said in the ’90s, “Git a rope.”


Brand:​ Pace
Campaign:​ Make it Saucy

Spots / Creative: “Infomercial” – :60s “What It Does” – :15s “All Kinds” – :15s Client(s):

VP Strategy – Michael Goodman
VP Activation – Yin Rani
Senior Marketing Manager – Neeli Straiges
Marketing Manager – Krysta Shivick

Agency: ​Anomaly

Talent:​ ​Leigh Williams, Nick Kanellis, Gianina Pantolonio

Production Co.: ​Penelope
Director:​ Zach Golden
Executive Producer:​ Heather Brown
Editor: ​Matt Beck
Post Producer:​ 7thfl
Track:​ Composition by Eric Walton Mix
Sound Company:​ Audio Engine