Anomaly and Johnnie Walker Come Home for Armed Forces Day

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Anomaly New York and Johnnie Walker extended the “Keep Walking America” campaign with a spot set to launch tomorrow, on national Armed Forces Day.

The new spot is a brief glance into a homecoming scene for a veteran, who opens the door to catch his family passing around a bottle of mid-range Scotch.
In keeping with the theme of the campaign, the ad reminds us that “this land” belongs to a very diverse group of Americans.

This sentiment is as true today as it was when the song was written in 1940 by Woody Guthrie as a response to “God Bless America.” At the time, Guthrie was a columnist for the official paper of the American Communist Party.

Beyond the ad itself, Johnnie Walker is encouraging followers to go on an unspecified “virtual walk” tomorrow, share images using the hashtag #KeepWalkingAmerica and mention @JohnnieWalkerUS. The project will benefit charity Hire Heroes, which looks to get jobs for recently returned vets.

We still can’t help but wonder about the allegedly scrapped “Jane Walker” ad … among other alternate realities.