Andrew W.K. Playing Host to Dos Equis Road Show

By Michael Musco 

For those you haven’t heard, playful rocker Andrew W.K., the man behind anthems like “Party Hard” who just recently headlined the Warped Tour, has been hosting the “Most Interesting Show in the World,” which is yet another way Dos Equis is leveraging its now-famous tagline.   There’s no sign of “The Most Interesting Man,” but performers at the MISW event include W.K. himself, Hungarian illusionist Elliott Zimmet, Persian burlesque star Cherie Lily, world record holder the Great Merlini, the Bubble Man, and plenty more “extreme and interesting” acts.

The hard-rocker with a penchant for wearing all white hypes up the event in a statement, saying, “The Most Interesting Show provides an unparalleled combination of humor, danger and seduction,  with a name like The Most Interesting Show in the World, you have to go all out on the talent, venue and production – and we’ve done that.  We lined up dancers like you’ve never seen, performances that will amaze and engage the audience, and, of course, plenty of ice cold Dos Equis.  It will, without a doubt, live up to its name.”


Mirrorball is the  marketing agency in charge of the development and implementation of the  MISW tour. You can peep tour dates and other tidbits by visiting MISW’s website and just for kicks, here’s a video below that shows us what’s in store.

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